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Considering the fact that working remotely nowadays is typically more common than actually having to go into an enterprise in many fields, it’s safe to say that the industry surrounding the design & construction of a home office is one that is definitely on the rise. Whether it’s directly related to the current pandemic surrounding Covid-19 or simply a means to have a designated area at home in which to work productively, a home office plays an integral role in homes and houses of all stripes here in Washington. To that effect, we’ve adapted our home improvement coverage and capacities to include not only customized closets or murphy beds but also home offices & at-home workspaces as well. Using only choice materials, sound construction designs, a flair for innovation, our experts are able to map out, design, and ultimately construct an all-accommodating home office to suit the needs of most any customer here in Washington.


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Home Office Additions

In contrast to converting an old/unused bedroom into a home office, a home office addition typically entails expanded the square footage of a property to accommodate extra living quarters or workspace. The benefits of a home office addition often far exceed the ones garnered from a room conversion into a home office because of the lack of restrictions surrounding the enterprise. Not only can the dimensions, built-in amenities, and overall design be completely customized but the overall size & spatiality can be determined to the exact specifications & desires of our clients seeking the home office addition. Our teams are highly proficient in aspects of a home office addition project, including the initial design & layout aspects as well as the actual construction & installation(s). We offer quality-driven coverage involving home office additions on behalf of local property owners in Seattle, Washington with the goal of expanding our business whilst simultaneously improving the at-home work conditions of fellow residents.

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