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Walk-In Closets and Closet Solutions

Depending on the layout, size, and dimensions of a property, it may be in the best interest of a homeowner to explore what custom closet construction options are available for application. This is especially so for homes or properties that are older, feature less land/acreage available for expansion, and homes with restrictions (such as an HoA) in place to prevent unsightly or garish home additions. In light of this, our company, craftsman closets, has spent several decades over the course of countless custom closet construction projects to maintain the all inclusive approach we take towards affecting our closet-related services. If you are interested in exploring custom closet options, such as a walk-in closet, a reach-in closet, our children's closet, please feel free to contact our closet specialists at your soonest convenience by clicking here! We offer our noteworthy closet services at the behest of our clientele and affect said closet services around the convenience of our patrons.



Walk-In Closets

There are precious few home improvements that can add storage, space, and a literal capacity for organization quite like a walk-in closet. Not to mention the ease in which clothing, accessories, and any other attire-related 'odds & ends' are able to be readily & rapidly cycled through as the seasons change and fashion trends ebb/flow. Whether its converting a bedroom and current closet to provide the needed space for a walk in closet or if the project calls for expanding the structural spread to accommodate a customized, walk in closet; every homeowner can rest assured that our experience and standards in quality will spell nothing but success in regards to a customized, walk-in closet. We offer a plethora of service options in regards to customized a local home's walk-in closet, including reach in closet designs, walk-in closet construction, walk-in closet conversions, as well as property additions/expansions to accommodate the construction of a walk-in closet.


Craftsman Closets


Walk-In Closet Services & Options

Ranging from custom walk-in closet designs & installations to comprehensive walk-in closet upgrades, our wealth of walk-in closet services & options are without peer in the local closet design industry in terms of quality, consistency, and outright ingenuity. We take tremendous pride in not only successfully designing a walk-in closet that is both unique & accommodating but also in the knowledge that our walk-in closet(s) will be beneficial to local homeowners for decades to come. We feel it’s important for local homeowners in Seattle, Washington who are interested in expanding or updating their walk-in closets to consider our walk-in closet expertise in contrast to our walk-in closet competitors.

Walk-In Closet Design
Walk-In Closet Installation
Walk-In Closet Construction
Walk-In Closet Upgrades
Walk-In Closet Conversions
Walk-In Closet Additions
Walk-In Closet Consultations




Craftsman Closets


Reach-In Closet Solutions

While a reach-in closet is not quite as robust or spatially accommodating as their walk in [closet] counterparts, it is worth exploring what reach in closet options are available to suit your specific home. Be it adjusting the placement of a wall to finally support a modest, reach in closet or if the particular reach-in closet project requires an expansion/addition to the home's general layout, our in house closet experts are well-versed in all facets of custom closet construction. We offer complete coverage when tasked with upgrading a local customer's reach in closet (or lack thereof) and are extremely proficient at adhering to completion times as well as maintaining any budgetary constraints allotted for the reach in closet project.


Reach-In Closet Design
Reach-In Closet Installation
Reach-In Closet Construction
Reach-In Closet Upgrades
Reach-In Closet Conversions
Reach-In Closet Additions
Reach-In Closet Consultations

Reach-In Closet Services & Options

While not necessarily as large, detailed, or spacious as their walk-in closet counterparts, a reach-in closet still does serve an extremely vital function for a home’s occupants. That’s not to say that a reach-in closet is less impactful, beneficial, or accommodating than a walk-in closet but there are inherent differences that can actually be favorable to many homeowners in Seattle, Washington. For instance, a reach-in closet has the flexibility (in size, generally) to be able to support a wider range of properties/layouts because they are less restrictive in size or scale.



Children's Closet Solutions

As a family grows with new members, including/especially children, it's very important to ensure that the family's home expands to accommodate any new additions. Regardless if the need is realized through converting a home office into a kid's bedroom or expanding a current children's room to support a children's closet, it goes without saying (usually) to explore what closet construction related services are available through a local construction company with a specialty in customized closets. To that effect, we offer complete coverage in regards to children's closets; which includes children closet designs, children closet construction, children closet conversions, and even customized conversions/additions to allow for a children's closet to be constructed.


Craftsman Closets


Children's Closet Services & Options

It’s absolutely essential that the accommodations for the children grow to follow suit as a family burgeons and infants become toddlers; to in turn grow into adolescence and eventual adulthood. Often, this can mean upgrading a bed, dresser, or even the closet that supports a child’s room. Most children nowadays enjoy a menagerie of stuffed animals, totes of legos, and a plethora of other affectations that can cause even the tidiest room to become overrun and fall into disarray. When this becomes not only an eyesore but an actual safety hazard, we encourage any local homeowners in Seattle, Washington to consider our children’s closet design & installation services.

Children's Closet Design
Children's Closet Installation
Children's Closet Construction
Children's Closet Upgrades
Children's Closet Conversions
Children's Closet Additions
Children's Closet Consultations



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